• Testimonials


    "Coach Brian helped me achieve my dream of becoming a collegiate track athlete through his passion for the sport and his dedication to his athletes. He has always been more than willing to go the extra mile for me and has continued to through my college career."


    100m, 200m,400m

    Earned a Division II scholarship


    "His personal touch, communication, and motivational skills that make him stand out. From times in the 40 to lateral quickness and explosiveness, I've seen kids and young adults improve at an amazing rate while also having fun and learning the aesthetics of running under Brian's guidance."


    High school coach


    "It’s a wrap! My first season as a Masters track athlete has come to a close. I ended the season as an All American in the 60, 100 and (finally) the 200. I made the finals in the 60 during my first Nationals and just missed it in the 200 at Nationals and at my first International competition in Toronto this weekend. Beyond anything, I grew more than I ever could have expected.


    Thanks to Brian Dzingai and Tyler Peacock for being two of the best coaches on the planet."


    60m, 100m, 200m

    Master's athlete - All American


    "Coach Brian is the best coach I ever had. He's very friendly and he understands my needs and knows how to improve my skills. I was always a couple of seconds behind in my startup and did not run with my elbows in the right positions. He trained me very hard but I learned a lot from him to try to be a fast runner. I had only one session with him and already felt like a pro because I learned it from a pro. I will definitely get more training from Brian."